Clean Your Tongue

Clean Your Tongue



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How Bacteria Wreak Havoc On Your Mouth

How Bacteria Wreak Havoc On Your Mouth

Perfect Breeding Ground

Your tongue is the perfect place for bacteria to hang out. It’s full of nooks and crannies that are tough to reach — even with a toothbrush.

Bad Breath

What’s the number one cause of bad breath? Mouth bacteria — most likely from your tongue. If people ever get nervous or weirded out around you, it might be bad breath.

Bad Teeth

Not only can bacteria make your breath stink, they can also damage your teeth — which can cause cavities, and sometimes even gum disease.

A Toothbrush Won't Cut It

Unfortunately, brushing your tongue just isn’t enough. (Even with a toothbrush that says it’s “designed for tongue brushing”.) If you want a healthier mouth, you need more.

The better way to clean your mouth

Your toothbrush isn’t cutting it? Don’t fret. Tvidler Tongue Scraper gets into the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, protecting your mouth from harmful bacteria.

Why Use Tvidler Tongue Scraper?

Why Use Tvidler Tongue Scraper?

Clean Out The Gunk

The nooks and crannies in your tongue are breeding grounds for bacteria. The Tvidler tongue scraper get rid of those bacteria.

(No More) Party In The Back

The front of your tongue can clean itself out — but the back of your tongue can’t. Unlike a brush, our Tongue Scraper can easily and comfortably slide back there and break up the party.

Fight Bad Breath

Bad breath is caused by bacteria, even if you smoke or drink coffee. Cleaning your tongue can work wonders for your breath, making you a more pleasant person to be around.

Fight Cavities

If you get rid of the harmful bacteria in your mouth, your teeth (and gums) will thank you. And if you don’t have to pay the massive dental bill from a cavity, your wallet will, too.


We’re not into single-use plastics or harmful chemicals. All our products are environmentally friendly, so you can rest easy.

Protect Your Mouth

Your mouth is important: you use it to eat, talk, and smile. Don’t let bacteria run rampant inside.

Built To Last

The Tvidler Tongue Scraper is designed to last you a long time. So you can have better breath, get fewer cavities, and feel better — for longer.

Budget Friendly Tool

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