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5 wax removal screw heads


5 cleaning brush heads


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No more cotton swabs...

Cotton swabs might seriously damage your ears

Tvidler Pro removes wax AND gives your ears that sparkling clean feeling, without the need for damaging cotton swabs.






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Patented and Tested in the United States of America

Patented and Tested in the United States of America

Fully tested in the USA, Tvidler meets the world's highest standards. Our rigorous testing procedures guarantee top level production standards, as regulated by our Global Patent No. US10813792B2

Why is Tvidler Better Than the Standard Cotton Swab?

Cotton swabs are are not designed for your ears and the planet

Most people don’t realize that cotton swabs actually push wax into your ear canal – rather than cleaning it out. It might feel as if it’s gone, as you can’t see it any longer, but the wax residue you see on your cotton swab is only the tip of the iceberg… Unsurprisingly, pushed-in wax can be harmful, potentially causing dizziness, pain, a ringing sensation and loss of hearing.

Don't risk your hearing by using cotton swabs: make sure you have extra Tvidler Pro heads

The Tvidler Pro is a far safer, better alternative to cotton swabs. The screw head safely reaches deep inside your ear to remove wax, and the brush head takes care of debris. Make sure you never run out of the extra heads you need with this special offer.


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