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Remove unsightly nose hair, fast!

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Remove unsightly nose hair, fast!

Pain-free nose hair removal

Remove nose and ear hair

The rotating blades quickly remove unwanted nose and ear hair.

No painful plucking

Plucking is painful and time-consuming. This is quick and painless.

Instantly look younger

Nose and ear hair are aging. Trim it away to get you your youth back.

Low-effort grooming

It takes just minutes to remove unsightly hair with the Tvidler trimmer.

Rotating stainless steel blade

360° blades for safe, pain-free hair removal.

USB charging

Charge on the go using a simple USB charger.

Washable head

Simply rinse to clean after every use.

Don't let nose hair let down your look

Everyone has some nose hair – it's our body's way of keeping out dirt and grit. But when nose hair gets too long, it looks untidy and ageing.

The Tvidler trimmer can be used to safely cut back unwanted, protruding hair from your nose and ears. Rather than plucking or waxing (both painful and unnecessary) it simply and safely trims visible hair. You get to keep your youthful looks and tidy appearance, with minimal cost and fuss.

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